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An open and free world in which you can meet people


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Avakin Life is a kind of Second Life-style MMO where you can move freely through dozens of settings in a huge world and do anything you want, including interacting with other players from all over the world.

In Avakin Life, you ​​can go to any number of places, ranging from a beachy paradise to a trendy nightclub or even your friends' amazing apartments. Just tap on the airplane button to quickly move to any location.

Once you arrive at a place, you can do whatever your heart desires. Simply move your avatar by tapping on the screen. The menu with many different possible actions is located to the left. Similarly, the menu that shows you the players with whom you can chat is to the right.

One of the best parts of Avakin Life is that you can customize both your avatar and your apartment. Much like you would in the Sims game, you can change the hairstyle and clothing of your avatar, as well as the furniture in your apartment.

Avakin Life is a great MMO that is halfway between a social network and a video game. In any case, it is a pretty entertaining and unique experience.
By Beatriz Escalante

Requires Android 3.2 or higher